Thursday, 19 January 2017

App Store Optimization Tips For Mobile App Owners & App Marketing Companies

With the number of mobile apps growing more than 1 million in both Android & Apple App stores , higher visibility of apps in app stores is a priority for mobile app owners.App store optimization techniques can be applied to increase rankings of apps in app stores and there by improving visibility of apps which can result in higher installs of apps.

 Mentioned below are few ASO tips which can be looked into

1) Customer Understanding

The Mobile app owner should have a clear understanding about who his customers are and who all are his competition so that he can be clear of what strategies he needs to follow while submitting app in app stores.By researching about competition one can come to know the keywords being used and can take decisions whether  to  target similar keywords or other popular ones.Keywords play an important role in ranking and hence having greater knowledge of which keywords to use and where to use can help greatly in ranking.

2) Selecting Keywords

Keywords form a very important aspect for ranking. Keywords are the terms which a user types in the search bar of app stores for finding apps , ideas for keywords can be obtained from auto suggest section of search bar in app store  while searching for terms  relevant to your app , can make use of tools such as google key planner for keyword phrases  ideas (though mainly used for google search engines) and can also track the keywords which are being used by competitors  and make decision whether to use similar pharses or target an entirely different set of keywords.Once keywords selected keep in mind the following.
            a)  Apple app store provides an option wherby owners have a field to submit                              keywords while uploading the app, and the field supports upto 100 characters.
                So whatever keywords or phrases chosen can be included in the  field.In 
                Google Play Store there is no keywords field for placing keywords exclusively 
                but can mention  keywords in the description field where description write ups 
                are placed of the app. A  maximum of 5 keywords can be mentioned
                in the description.

            b) Use keywords in titles of App

            c) Choose good app name

            d) Make sure keywords are not stuffed into titles & description

3) Upload Images & Videos

While uploading of apps , the App icon image is very important it basically is the first thing that a user sees while searching for an app hence the app icon should be made appealing. It is mandatory to upload images preferably screenshots of app while uploading.In google play  store a minimum of 2 screenshots needs to be uploaded and in apple app store a minimum of 5 screenshots needs to be  uploaded.These screenshots will be displayed when a user clicks on the app icon in app stores, hence if the screenshots display the   inner user interface of  apps and describes visually what all to expect in app it can entice the consumer to install the app.There is option also to upload promo video which can also help in attracting users.

4) Ratings & Reviews 

   Having higher ratings & reviews help to improve ranking , need to encourage users to 
   rate & comment about app , few  ways that can be applied are

             a) Incentivize users , if a user rates the app can avail a discount coupon or get                        mobile recharge etc

             b) When an app user exits the app a pop up can be displayed to the user 
                 requesting him to rate the app

             c) Option for the app user to share the app rating link to his friends , family etc.

5) Update App frequently

With new versions of OS releasing frequently the app needs to be updated to function in new OS environment , clearing of bugs , crash reports frequently helps in app usage and ranking.

6) Of Page Otimization

In correlation with app store optimization use of Of page optimization techniques will also help to driver higher  installs ,as app installs increases ranking of apps also increases. Few Of page optimization techniques that can be followed are
             a) Promotion of App in social networks: Posting & Sharing of App store links in                         social networks such as facebook ,twitter etc.

            b) Placement of widgets in website whereby when a user types in his email id or                     mobile number the app store links to download app will be sent to the given                           email id as email or as an sms  to the given  number.

            c) Can provide users with a phone number whereby a user just needs to give a                       missed call on the number once given the app store link will be sent to the                             number for download.

            d) App indexing - This is a method whereby a user when comes across a content 
                of app in google search and clicks on the link he will get directed to the page in                     the app consisting that content if the user has the app installed in his phone or
                will get directed to the app store link to download the app.

            e) Online advertising- Facebook Ads , Google Ads etc.

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